french fish tail

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Video: Hip-Hop Dance Moves: Body Wave

Indian Straight  I Tip  Human Hair Extensions Fusion Hair Extensions  For Short  HairHello, my identify is Hayley Cloud. I am right here at New England Dance in Westfield, Massachusetts, and at present I am going to show you the basic body wave. So you are going to start out together with your ft apart, right here, good. You will carry your heels up off the bottom. Now you’ll push your heels down into the bottom and as that happens your hips are going to come back forward then your belly is going to return forward, your ribs, your chest, your shoulders and look down. Now crucial part of that is to recollect to roll the shoulders ahead as a result of sometimes french fish tail we forget that and we go proper from the chest and we look down, well what occurs is the shoulders are nonetheless again so you need to roll them and then look down. That completes the body wave. So you are lifting your heels up off the ground, you push them down, your hips, your stomach, your ribs, your chest, your shoulders and head, good. Now let’s reverse it. You’re trying down at the floor with your shoulders rolled forward. You are going to deliver your head up. You are going to roll your shoulders back, your chest goes out, your ribs, your belly, your hips and then your heels are up off the ground and you push them again down. Good, let’s attempt them each rolling into one another. So we elevate our heels up, we push them down, our hips, our stomach, ribs, shoulders, head and head, shoulders, chest, ribs, stomach, hips, heels. Good, another time. We carry our heels up, raise them and we push down, hips, good, shoulders and down and head, shoulders, chest, ribs, belly, hips, down and there you will have it the essential body wave.

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french fish tail

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