Filing For US Visa Extensions

Human Ombre Body Wave Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles Weave Three Tone T1B427/T1B613The numerous the many visas granted in the United States, visas for visiting the United States involves you with a time line and you could leave the country or face the chance of being deported. However, there are instances where an individual may wish to remain longer in the United States before returning to his or her home country. If that’s the case, it is important to file for a visa extension, or change of status, so that you simply as an applicant should not forcibily removed and also to forestall from being barred from entering the United States in the future

Lets check among the eligibility criteria that apply for a US visa extension.

Extending the US visas shouldn’t be that easy as it might sound on paper. Several different requirments are to be met in your US visas to be extended. An extension can only be applied if:

You might have entered into the US lawfully with a legitimate non-immigrant visa.

Your immigrant visa is still valid

Your passport is still valid and will remain so even during your extended stay within the United States.

You haven’t committed any crimes that may invalidate your visa.

You have not violated any conditions of your admission to the U.S.

In case you have met these restrictions, your US visas could also be extended by filing the applying to extend your stay in the US. One interesting fact is that you can use the identical application to either extend or change your status with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS.

You need to use the Form I-539, Application to increase/Change Your Nonimmigrant status.

Some US visas should not eligible for an extension. You can not file to lengthen your stay if you happen to were admitted to the US as:

A fiance(e) of a US Citizen or child of that fiance(e)

Being a part of the Visa Waiver Program.

Crew member (D nonimmigrant visa).

A traveler through the US on a C nonimmigrant visa.

A traveler through the U.S. without a legitimate visa.

An informant of organized crime or terrorism.

Broadly the US visas are categorized into two. They are:

1. Immigrant visas: The immigrant visa are for those immigrants who intend to reside permanently within the United States (whether or not they intend to take up work). To qualify for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen should be sponsored by a US citizen or relative(s) or by a prosepective employer. In all these cases an Affidavit of Support is required for family-based and employment based immigrants, to prove that there’s adequate means of financial support within the United States, by the petitioner or the sponsor(s) for the immigrants.

2. Non-Immigrant visas: That is the second type of US visas and is intended for people with permanent residence outside the United States but who wish to be within the United States for a short duration only. In short, their visa is for visiting the United States temporarily. This visa is mainly for persons who’re entering for tourism, studies, business, medical treatment, as professional journalists, as representatives of any Government, etc.

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