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The Spartan Shield With Mark Hollis

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What has changed since that summer of 1980 Let’s start with hairstyles, the clothes we wear, how we communicate, the vehicles used to maneuver across campus, and learning beyond the boundaries of our campus. The buildings have changed from my days as the basketball student manager, when the team played in Jenison Field House. Today, Breslin Center is the house of Spartan Basketball and has just recently received a substantial upgrade for both fans and participants. Our student-athletes have the chance to reinforce their academic success in the Smith Center, learn to buy for groceries with a dietician, and train in amazing facilities. This is reflective to what has happened across campus with the addition of facilities like the Wharton Center, DCPAH, Bott Nursing Building, MSU College of Law, Broad Art Museum, Biophysical Sciences Building, Bioengineering Building, FRIB and Brody Cafeteria fake hair headband as examples. These buildings are only outdone by the teachers, researchers, performers and Spartans that work in them on daily basis.

While many things have changed around us, the core values of learning, education, and research continue to thrive at very high levels on campus. The relationships that are built in this process between and among students, faculty, staff, alumni and others will not be only critical to the educational process, but to life after graduation. MSU students are the core of campus and each student is important to Spartan athletics. This importance is just not simply derived from those that attend games and cheer on their fellow students. The importance comes from what they do, as individual students, in the classroom, music hall, lab, field work, education abroad, neighborhoods or the pursuit of their choice. Having greatness around you’ll be able to only make you better. That’s the reason Spartans support Spartans and deliver in all areas with a “Spartans Will” attitude.

What is around the next corner The reply to that question is what simultaneously brings both excitement and fear to most individuals. There are lots of things that can occur on our campus over the 2017-2018 academic year. We’ll collectively celebrate achievements and face adversity together, while maintaining a balance of strength. The extremes of success and failure are brought back to equilibrium through communication. Communication is among essentially the most used and, perhaps, essentially the most misunderstood word, on today’s campus and in our work environment. Today, when we predict about communication we are likely to give attention to the vehicles that allow us to communicate: TV; Wi-Fi; smart phones; internet; breaking news; and social media. When not properly managed, these vehicles generally tend to, in reality, distort our communications. Comments channeled through these various vehicles can push the positive and negative to the extremes, along with our associated emotions. This is a digression from the true definition of communication – a two-way strategy of reaching mutual understanding during which participants not only exchange information, ideas and feelings but additionally create and share meaning.

With a possibility to have interaction with nearly 800 student-athletes every year, together with our coaches and staff, I see the true meaning of communication come to life year after year, team after team. Individuals from different backgrounds, religions, nations and ethnicities coming together as teammates. As I did in 1980, they arrive to campus with their own story and share it with others on their team, within our Athletic Department and across our campus. They not only share their story, but have the chance to expand their personal history by learning and fascinating in new experiences with others on campus.

The summer of 1980 has faded right into a distant memory. However, for me, it continues to be a reminder of the start of another academic year on campus. As new students arrive, they bring their history and background along with feelings of excitement and anxiety. Student-athletes have new opportunities to excel in athletic competition, academic pursuit and in becoming an excellent citizen. Each student makes many decisions day by day that will help shape the way forward for their lives. What becomes available to each person through entitlement is usually short-lived. What becomes available through work, communication, collaboration, relationships and a real sense of shared meaning continues for a lifetime.

While I wish I still had that 1972 Olds Cutlass, I do have the memories that were created as a result of that first drive to East Lansing. My hope is that each student, faculty, staff and Spartan will find a way this 2017-2018 academic year to make a positive impact for themselves and people around them. Helping others may also assist you to. Go Green!

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fake hair headband

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