Extenso Straightening Tips

Extenso will completely straighten the hair, it relaxes the curl and makes it easier to flat iron or blow out. Extenso is perfect for super curly fine hair that hasn’t been straightened before because it leaves enough of the natural lift to the hair that you don’t feel bald or appear to be you don’t have any hair.

Listed below are some experience with Extenso:

  1. It does an incredible job with straightening your hair. The day that you simply wash your hair it is a bit volumized, but the subsequent day it is ideal. Therefore, if you need smooth straight hair for some part or something then wash it the day before.
  2. The L’oreal website said that your would come back after 8-12 weeks. But at least as some user’s experience, the curls was not came back except for the part of new hair of course.
  3. And another thing is very surprisingly to me. Everybody there likes very much curls. Most of the ladies wants to have them to. And once i went to salons for cutting my hair, those women loved to work with my hair with great results too. And for all this years I’ve been only once good cut. It is a real disaster. And this people call them self professionals!
  4. Last August I wanted to straighten my hair to see how it feels. I looked on the web to see what is possible and so forth. That is when i discovered Extenso and the way much women hates their curly hair! And why : just because L’oreal tells us what’s pretty and not. Sad is that, don’t you think? What I waned to inform in any case above is that this… it seems to me that it very much will depend on which culture you live in will you’re feeling beautiful or not with your crazy curls.

2017 Fashion Hair Wigs Three Tone Ombre Long Body Wavy WigsGenerally speaking, Extenso is a hair re-texturizer, which implies that it’ll permanently take the curl out of your hair, but not the friz. In order for you to maintain it straight, wash your hair once every two days or so, because you will have to blow dry it straight with a large round brush, then use a hair straightener to smooth it out. This takes about two hours total working time on your hair. The associated fee for this process is about $100.00 to $120.00 at experienced hair salons. I am undecided if you may purchase this directly from the manufacturer, but when you can, and you have a friend that you just trust will follow the instructions, it would not seem to difficult to perform.

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