Extensions Made With Human Hair

More and more increasingly women becoming increasingly fashion-conscious, the necessity to alter hairstyles assumes great importance. One has to move from long hair to short and then back again, just as the stars do. How do you think they manage to vary their hairstyles at such frequent intervals? Hair certainly does not grow at such a rapid rate. The reply lies in Hair Extensions. With this process, you possibly can move from style to style and from short to long, all within the space of some hours. So if you want to keep up with the glitterati, it’s time you considered moving into the Hair Extension process, otherwise you might get left behind.

Nail Hair Extensions Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairWhat does Hair Extension entail? It is a process by which additional hair is attached to your natural hair so that you just appear with a head filled with hair which is fuller and more luxuriant than your actual hair is. There are three basic ways by which such attachments can happen. There is the clip-on method. Because the name suggests, clips are used to attach the brand new hair and the old. The second method is the “weaving” system. Here, the extension is sewn right into a lady’s own hair. And eventually, there’s the Fusion System. The way this is carried out is by fusing a bunch of your individual hair to a clump of the extra hair with the help of adhesives.

Once you have decided on the methodology of the Hair Extension process, you will have to take another decision. This relates to whether you would like to use Human Hair or synthetic hair. The latter is made from man-made fibers to resemble human hair but frankly, it cannot replicate natural hair because the sheen it produces just isn’t the identical as that produced by human hair. Furthermore, synthetic hair doesn’t move in unison with your own hair so the blending can never be perfect. This is where the Remy Human Hair scores because it retains the “cuticle” which is present on the hair shaft. The “cuticle” surrounds this shaft and it is made up of overlapping layers of long cells. They exist on the surface of the head and are aligned in the identical direction. It’s these “cuticles” which prevent the Hair Extension from getting tangled because the alignment is right. And because they don’t get tangled, they last for much longer than synthetic. However, you must be careful that you aren’t getting duped by unscrupulous companies who might even pass off non-human hair because the genuine stuff. Horse hair being passed off as human will not be as uncommon as you might think.

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