Easy methods to Grow Out Relaxed Hair Without Cutting It

I have been relaxing my hair since I can remember. It made my hair far more manageable for my mother. It wasn’t all the time however it was often. We even tried hot Combs back in the day. As I got older I continued the tradition and every so often would relax my hair which stopped around age 10.

Baby Picture

Age 11

The next day my mom took me to a hair dresser. The stylist told me either I could sit through the means of trying to comb them out our I could just cut them out. On the time my hair was around 8 inches curly and 12 inches straightened. At the age of 11 I didn’t want to sit there in pain while she combed them out so I choose the haircut. She cut my hair down to three inches long max to do away with the dread locks.

Before my horrible haircut

7th Grade: Age 12-13


BOBO Wigs For Black Women Indian Straight  Human Virgin Hair  Wig8th grade: Age 13-14

9th grade: Age 14-15

Military school collar length hair

10th grade: Age 15-16

Sophomore year I continued to relax but wore it up more often. I also experimented with micro braids twice. Because of the relaxed hair they would not stay in my hair once my hair became wet or slick. After a week my micro braids that took 14 hours to get in could be on the ground. I remember leaving a clothing store and having a braid fall to the bottom behind me. I used to be horrified.

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