Create A Killer USP To construct Your Super Profitable Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Your Unique Selling Proposition, or the USP, is the core of your marketing strategy and needs to be the starting point for building your multi-million dollar empire. Successful marketing requires that a business must have a competitive advantage, something that sets it apart. Your USP sets you apart out of your competition and makes you unique. If you can’t differentiate yourself out of your competition, one in every of you is unnecessary! Because of this it’s so critical that you simply promote your uniqueness to stand out from all the clutter bombarding your prospects daily.

Your Unique Selling Proposition Must Answer These Two Questions1. Why do people buy from you?
2. If they are not buying from you, why should they?

Your USP Also Must
1. Differentiate you from any and all competition
2. Emphasize a desirable and positive customer benefit
3. Be easily understood
4. Be used repetitively in your marketing efforts and become ingrained in your company’s culture. From the CEO to the receptionist to the delivery drive or cashier, all staff have to be on board.
5. Create a right away Emotional Connection that makes people wish to do business with you – IMMEDIATELY!
6. Elicit the response from the prospect, “Whoa!! How do you try this?”

Is a USP a Mission Statement?

A USP shouldn’t be a mission statement. Whenever you get right all the way down to it, customers and prospects really do not care about your mission statement, how many years you’ve been in business or that you just built a new building. They care about what your services or products will do for them. They care about what problem will it solve for them or what need will it fill. Take a moment to consider FedEx. Do you care it is their mission to be the primary overnight carrier within the country or do you care that they won’t lose your package and that it gets there the subsequent day?

When you’ve gotten a powerful Unique Selling Proposition, creating a compelling marketing message to use in your advertising, junk mail and other marketing tactics becomes a breeze. If you don’t, marketing your product or service becomes very difficult and you may be condemned to forever trying to determine why customers aren’t beating a path to your door.

The Four Steps to Determining Your USP
1. Conduct a focus group meeting with the corporate executives and the staff (Tip – If you are the owner of your individual company, ask yourself why you started your company. Your passion in your answer will often often reveal your USP.)
2. Survey your customers, both past and present and ask them why they do business with you and what they think makes you different from your competition. Ask them why they continue to do business with you and if they would recommend you to their friends and associates.
3. Survey your competitors. Determine what you’re doing differently and better than they are doing. Use the web, Telephone book, phone calls or personal visits to their businesses.
4. Write it up. Ideally, will probably be 90 words or less. Avoid the temptation to try to create a slogan or a catchy phrase. You will eventually be able to do so but remember that this can be a means of describing what makes you unique, not creating an ad. After you’ve defined your uniqueness, creating the slogan or “elevator speech” might be much easier. Your USP must tell your audience what you do for them, not just what you do. What is the killer benefit they get from doing business with you? What problem are you solving for them. Take a look at your USP. How many times do the words “We” or “I” appear? Where are you able to remove those words and replace them with “YOU”? Remember, you’re telling your prospect what you do for them, not what you do.

When creating your Unique Selling Proposition, your first tendency will probably be to say something like “We have the best service, quality, price, staff, etc.” You must be more specific because your competition is saying the identical thing. As well as, consumers are expecting service and quality. If you do not offer good service, then you will lose customers and sales.

What exactly makes your service the very best? Why do you may have the best quality? Why do you’ve the perfect staff? Is it something that your customers and prospects will notice? Is it so noticeable that they are going to talk to others about it?

If you have shipped a package via FedEx, I venture a guess that you’ve a feeling of confidence when you see the driver leave along with your package that absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. That’s one of the most recognized USPs in the United States. Note that in addition they deliver on the promise, which is critical to sustained growth and profits.

Almost anybody who has visited Walt Disney World or other Disney theme parks inevitably notice how sparkling clean the parks are. It’s a challenge to even discover a light bulb that is burned out! The cleanliness is not any accident. It is part of the Disney aura, the Disney marketing magic and the Disney USP.

Disney knows that if you go home, you will tell friends and relatives in regards to the cleanliness. Clean = hygienic, clean = safe, clean = safe attractions. All of them end in strengthening the message that Disney is a good place to take your loved ones!

Next Step – Integrate the USP

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After you’ve got created your powerful Unique Selling Proposition, your next step is to integrate it into your organization. In spite of everything, in case your customers, prospects and staff don’t know why you’re so great and unique, it will not do you much good. It is your job to tell them, not their job to seek out out!

A significant mistake companies make with their USP is that they do not t live up to it. It’s important that you do a thorough review of your operations to insure which you could honestly live as much as your USP. Should you guarantee a level of customer service and it takes you three days to return a phone call or your front line staff ignores a customer when they visit your store, then your USP is nothing greater than an empty phrase.

While you speak to clients, tell them what makes you so great and say it with a passion! Constantly remind them about why they chose to do business with you. Reaffirm their great decision to do business with you over your competition. Don’t assume that they are going to remember.

Consumers are being barraged with an ever-increasing variety of advertising and media messages. Because of this barrage, the human mind defends itself by ignoring the messages. Use your USP to interrupt through these defenses and become the plain choice for your services or products in your market. Be bold and above all, BE UNIQUE!

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