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Some Differences Between Wigs Made With Human Hair And Those That Are Synthetic

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Many women today use beauty enhancing products to help them create the kind of appearance they may not have been born with.

In the category of these beauty products you will find many new types of hair products available that can be worn instead of your natural hair. Some of these hair products are wigs and some are extensions.

The extensions can come as human hair or synthetic hair depending on the particular design. These items are attached to your existing hair either by use of a clip or by sewing them in. They are generally used to add length and fullness to hair that is lacking one or both of these features.

Wigs are also classified as being human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. The human hair products are made from actual strands of hair cut from a human being’s head. The synthetic wigs are created using a chemical solution to create the strands, where the color of the hair is added into the solution. These chemically created wigs are also designed to hold their cut and style permanently, where the human hair needs to be styled and maintained on a regular basis just as you would care for your own hair. The wigs created with human hair are usually more expensive than the synthetic types.

The advantage to the synthetic wigs is that they are virtually maintenance free. The drawback is that they do not have the feel of real hair and are often stiff in design. There are some designers that try to mimic the flow of real hair when creating their synthetic products. Some of these wigs will have more movement to the hair giving it the appearance of being natural. The color variations for the synthetic pieces are also vaster than for the human styles often combining several shades to create a multi-toned or highlighted effect. Author Box Earl Flournoy has 1132 articles online

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