choosing hair color for skin tone

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Textured Locks Rule The Runways At NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week, there’s nothing quite prefer it. From the thrill created by multiple iconic designer clothing lines to how the makeup and hairstyles are married to create new unique looks. It is an amazing experience.

Being in New York with fashion week underway is always a favorite treat of mine. I especially enjoy seeing all the different designers and models that pass through the hotel lobby frequently. The creativity and styles are remarkable. And, yes, my favorite is the hair!

Human Hair 3 Bundles Virgin Indian Remy Deep Curly Hair With Lace ClosureThis year, I’ve noticed that the early ’90s are alive and well with some undertones of the late ’80s era lingering. When i say ’80s and ’90s, I don’t necessarily mean it in a giant teased high hair form of way, more a loose look that reflects a rock and roll feel.

I am noticing hair choosing hair color for skin tone that is loosely crimped creating numerous volume. Texture is definitely in this fall. So, if you’re blessed with curly locks, play it up and embrace it. The bigger, the higher. Designers like choosing hair color for skin tone Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, and Coach had their own personal touch on what they wanted to create which was equally beautiful.

Another expression that could not be missed were the braids that were being utilized as natural accessories. Just while you thought you had seen every style of braid possible, Fashion Week has brought us more. From braids that may very well be worn daily in “fix and go” styles to braids that gather hair from various parts of the crown creating their own masterpieces. Marchesa’s “Painted Lady” look was really something to see with a thick loose braid worn as an updo that was fit for royalty.

As up to now, the ponytail remains mainstream. While some designers preferred to stick with the high ponytail that was very fashionable through the past year, other versions of this staple style were apparent. Ponytails with their ends slightly curled to provide a natural bounce were on the rise including those being tied at the nape of the neck in addition to those being worn mid scalp.

Hairstyles with very natural looking slight subtle waves were also highly popular as were topknots that were loosely done.

When it came to hair color, all over one tone, very near natural hair colors were the bell of the ball. All in all the climate this fall is set for hair that is natural looking and really, very sexy!

choosing hair color for skin tone

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