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Embracing my challenge to make as much as I could from one cut of cloth (see below), I promptly cut out what I would need for the principle event- the PE Bag. With the left overs I had a think and decided rather than make a batch of unlinked items, why not make my Niece just a few bits so that she has a “set” of spotty cloth items. I have decided that I’ll make the PE Bag, a zippy (I’ve never sewn a zip so brace yourselves) cosmetics bag for her hair clips and just a little brush (4 year olds don’t are likely to have many cosmetics in any case!) and a scrunchie to keep the hair off her face during PE. If I still have cloth left I shall should get my thinking cap on and see what comes up.

Best Long Messy Malaysian Natural Wigs Cheap Real Human Hair Quality Long Hair Wig For Black WomenSo my first accomplishment was a cute spotty scrunchie, and i shall tell you ways I got there. Are you sitting comfortably Then let’s begin!

To make the Spotty Scrunchie you will have a strip of cloth approx 20cm long and 10-15cm wide. These measurements are incredibly flexible so please don’t be concerned about getting your ruler out. Just a few pins to hold all of it in place before you sew it, a needle and thread or a sewing machine and a length on elastic approx 10cm (I am going for the kind that appears like knicker elastic and you should buy a bunch for about 40p at most craft shops or haberdasheries).

Fold your strip of material in half length ways with the spotty side on the inside and sew along the length edges of the fabric. I pinned mine in place first so I could get a cheapest virgin hair reasonably straight line but it’s not too crucial as it will obviously be scrunched up.

Then, turn your now tube of cloth inside out so you might have a sleeve of material that you would be able to wiggle your fingers in.

Slip your length of elastic in, with about 3-4cm sticking out the top and pop a couple of stitches in to secure it in place.

Next is the fun bit! Scrunch all the fabric up the elastic and tie the two ends of elastic together to make somewhat stretchy ring with all the fabric scrunched round it. It’s going to now seem like a scrunchie bobble but will need the ends tidying up just a little. Carefully smooth out the ends and fold over the edges to cover frayed cloth. Then add just a few stitches to secure the ends together and Bob’s your Uncle- a Scrunchie!!

cheapest virgin hair

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