Can Your Hair Type Contribute Towards Oily Hair?

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Oily hair is caused by an excessive amount of Sebum production within the scalp. Usually people with oily hair, are likely to have oily skin too which can cause all sorts of problems, and it can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of. So what causes oily hair and may your hair type have anything to do with it?

Hair Type and how it affects Oily Hair

Whilst oily hair can happen to anybody, there are people with certain hair types who are more at risk. If for example, you may have long, fine, straight hair, you are more likely to develop oily hair. It is because the oil starts at the scalp and works its way down the hair. If the hair is curly and thick, the oil takes more time to travel down the hair, hence it is so much less noticeable and it does not often pose an issue.

So, adding slightly volume to the hair may help, but generally it could actually happen to anybody. The hardest part is treating the hair once it does have an oil problem! How you can Successfully Treat Oily, Limp, Hair

Oily hair is usually dull and limp, and it tends to want thorough, gentle cleansing. Probably the greatest things you are able to do to treat the condition, is to scrub your hair frequently. There are many various specially designed oily hair shampoos and conditioners, though generally oily hair doesn’t actually need a conditioner.

Generally you do must treat oily hair as soon as possible because it could cause other skin problems. For instance, it will probably spread down onto the chest and the back through the hair, and this can in turn cause acne and other blemishes on the skin. Brushing too often can be not a good suggestion as, although when you’ve healthy hair, brushing often makes it look nice and healthy, it does stimulate the oil glands. When oily hair is already producing too much oil, the very last thing you wish to do is stimulate the glands much more! So always avoid brushing an excessive amount of.

Some problems which can be caused through severe oily hair include the hair falling out. This is particularly true in men over the age of thirty five. Oily hair may also lead to dandruff which again can cause all kinds of other problems.

Another contributing factor to oily hair is in case you sleep on the wrong sort of pillows. You actually should sleep on cotton pillows and they should be washed frequently. Cotton pillows absorb the oil in order that it doesn’t go in your hair. Washing your hair everyday is recommended, though in the event you do choose to do this, you should guantee that you utilize a mild shampoo instead of 1 that is designed especially for oily hair as these can often be a lot harsher than mild ones.

Try and avoid oil based products, especially in hair styling products. Some people think that by using a hairdryer on oily hair, it can soak up the oil. Whilst there is some logic in this theory, unfortunately it simply is just not true. In case you do overuse a hairdryer you will end up with split, damaged hair, and the roots will still look dull and oily.

Overall oily skin generally is a little bit of a nightmare and it might never really be fully eliminated. Your hair type can affect your chances of developing the condition, but generally it does happen to everyone regardless of their hair type. Always use a mild shampoo, and wash the hair frequently to remove any excess oil. In the event you follow the guidelines above you will be capable of successfully control the oil production, even when you can not eliminate the problem completely.

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