Brain-Boosting Herbs For Age-Related Memory Problems

People often accept that memory problems starting on the age of 40 are inevitable and are part of the normal aging process. Although it is true that the neurons in the brain mature and age very like the opposite parts of the body, you shouldn’t take age-related memory lapses and cognitive problems sitting down. There are literally lots of things you can do and take as a way to delay, avert and even reverse such age-induced neurological difficulties.

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Aside from eating a healthy diet rich in essential fatty acids, performing regular physical activities and doing mental exercises, you too can make the most of nature’s bounty in helping you revive the health of your gray matter. Below are some herbs, spices and other nutrients that may truly bring back the spark in your brain.


A whole lot of studies have shown the effectiveness of Gingko in helping enhance memory and boost mind power. This herb is just not only a robust antioxidant, which aids in healing and restoring cells, but it surely also enhances brain circulation. Before taking any supplement containing Gingko, it is advisable consult a physician first especially if you’re taking aspirin or any medication that makes blood thinner.

Bacopa Monniera

An herb that has been utilized in India since time immemorial to help in treating brain-related problems, resembling memory lapses and epilepsy, is bacopa monniera, also called brahmi. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, this herb also enhances learning skills and memory.


Oxygen is important in making the brain function at its peak. One of the the explanation why stroke victims manifest cognitive difficulties is the lack of oxygenated blood within the brain. Hawthorn is an herb that strengthens your blood vessels, ascertaining that nutrients and oxygen are transported properly to the brain. Furthermore, this herb also helps in eliminating waste products and toxins in the brain. However, in case you have heart and blood pressure problems, ask your doctor’s permission before taking this herb.

Kava Kava

So as to make your brain function properly, you want to have the correct amount of sleep everyday. One herb that’s not only effective in helping you sleep better, but in addition in boosting the production of certain growth hormones that are important in improving memory is kava kava. Since this substance is also a muscle relaxant, concentrate to its dosage. Furthermore, guantee that you don’t take kava kava with alcohol or any type of barbiturates.


Another herb that helps improve the blood flow to the brain is periwinkle. This plant is a vital source of vinpocetine, a natural chemical that is used to treat age-related brain problems. However, taking periwinkle can either exacerbate bleeding or prevent it, depending on the dosage and form. Thus, consult another medicine practitioner before taking pure periwinkle tinctures or supplements.


Do you know that ancient Greeks wear a stem of rosemary in their hair in the belief that it helps restore memory and mental acuity? Actually, there are some studies that confirm that a sniff of rosemary is helpful in improving concentration, memory and blood circulation particularly in the brain.

St. John’s Wort

You could be surprised that a weed that could be proliferating in your garden or yard is definitely an efficient brain-boosting herb. St John’s Wort actually helps raise the production of various neurotransmitters, which are vital in lots of cognitive functions. Furthermore, the flexibility of this herb to elevate your mood also assists in boosting brainpower. However, people who find themselves taking anti-depressant medications should think twice before taking this herb.

It is quite easy to seek out products that contain the above-mentioned herbs. However, before taking any herbal supplement, it is always important to consult with experts first. One product that is thought to assist improve brain functions and memory is Neurovar. Visit to learn more about this supplement.

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