braided style

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Dear Men, Please Do not Bring These Bad Hairstyles Back

Cheap Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair Bundles 4pcs Jerry Curly Hair Weave Overnight ShippingRemember that moment once you first discovered that your parents did not always appear to be Unprocessed Best Human Virgin True Indian Hair Wholesale Straight Weave your parents Sometime around fifth grade, you probably found some old family photo albums and started leafing through them. Horrified, you discovered your mother had a bigger-than-life perm, but maybe even worse, your father had a bowl cut that he paired with huge eyeglasses. But, never fear, you aren’t alone.

Courtesy of Laughing Squid and YouTube user 2869rjh, there’s now a horrifying men’s hairstyle montage from the ’60s and ’70s to your viewing (dis)pleasure. One of the best a part of this video (except braided style for laughing hysterically when you recognize the hairstyle your father once sported) might be that it’s weirdly paired with Kaiser Chiefs “Ruby.” We would not have it any other way.

braided style

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