Black Hair: ‘The Melissa Harris-Perry Show’ Gives A Crash Course In Black Hair 101 (VIDEO)

The video that each woman of color has been waiting for is finally here.

Hair 4Pcs/pack Peruvian Body Wave Hair Bundles Deals Virgin Human Hair WeaveThe short and sassy PSA produced by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is a must-see for anyone–especially those super curious, overzealous, hair-touching and/or rude people–that cannot seem to regulate themselves relating to Black women’s hair.

The super informative clip aired on “The Melissa Harris-Perry Show” this past Sunday, which was dedicated to the politics of Black hair.

The roundtable discussion was more than the talk over relaxed versus natural hair, it delved into the politics behind the concentrate on and fascination of black women and their hair.

And while the chat was poignant and powerful, it was the nearly 4-minute “Teachable Moment” video where Harris-Perry expounds on basic maintenance facts and demystifies several stereotypes that really got us excited. It is basically a crash course on “Black Hair 101.”

Ever wonder what the difference is between a weave and extensions, or why so many black women wear silk scarves at night? These questions are answered.

From defining a relaxer, hot comb and weave to ensuring it’s known that simply because black women do not wash their hair everyday does not imply they are not clean — Harris-Perry literally touches on all the burning questions that most black women have been asked all their life.

The video also reviews some vocabulary on the subject that needs to be erased and revised — in order for non-blacks to avoid any hairy situations.

While black women will sometimes use the word “nappy” to describe their hair that doesn’t mean everyone else can — making that two N-words which can be off limits. And in relation to dreadlocks there’s nothing dreadful about them, in order that they ought to be referred to as simply “locks.” Got it?

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