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Sugar scrubs are for flaky scalps. Even sugar and oil scrubs absolutely should be washed out. black hair body wave First of all, if you set oil on an already irritated scalp, you might be likely to get much more irritation. Oils can act as irritants and they will feed fungi on your scalp that create irritation.
Salt instead of sugar just isn’t only more abrasive than sugar, it’s very drying to the skin. And drying is irritating. If you leave salt in your skin, it might probably damage your skin. When skin is dried out, it becomes irritated, it is protective functions cannot work properly, it cannot defend itself from irritants and bacteria and fungi well.
The oil and salt mixture was harsh and damaging to your skin.
Even if you utilize a sugar and oil scrub, *you need to wash it off* after 5 or 10 or 15 minutes or the oil and sugar will “feed” fungi and bacteria and create loads of irritation and your scalp will probably be worse. On all already-sensitive scalp like yours, sugar is probably much too abrasive right now.

There are 2 posts on this blog for remedies for scalp conditions. Copy and paste these links:

And there are medicated shampoos and non-shampoo products you should use for scalp problems such as Scalpicin (U.S.). Regular strength is salicylic acid for exfoliation. Maxiumum strength is hydrocortisone for itch.
Tar: Psoriasin gel (U.S.) – A coal tar gel you could possibly apply to scalp before showering, leave on 5-10 minutes, then rinse or cleanse. Or mix 50:50 with a cleanser and use like a “dandruff shampoo.”
Zinc pyrithione: DermaZinc cream or spray
Noble Formula cream or spray black hair body wave with zinc
Miconazole cream typically used for vaginal yeast infections may fit – ketoconazole is usually utilized in seb. dermatitis studies.

Seborrheic dermatitis can appear as bumps or cysts, flakes or scales (either greasy or powdery), red patches of skin. Unless you do have an autoimmune disease like psoriasis, most dermatologists (in the U.S.) will tell you to make use of Nizoral shampoo or Head and Shoulders or Selsun, or T-Sal shampoo. For itching, Scalpicin Maximum strength might be very helpful.
Don’t leave oils or salts or sugars – and even most medicated treatments – in your scalp very long. Sensitive scalps often can’t cope with that. And avoid products with fragrances and herbal ingredients while your scalp is so irritated.

You could have to try quite a few treatments until you find one which works and an application frequency that works. Often even when you may have one which works, you need a second treatment to rotate between.
Best of luck to you – that is frustrating to deal with.
If all else fails, chances are you’ll must see a doctor, but unless there may be a very complicated problem, a general practitioner can probably show you how to – though they may inform you to make use of the products mentioned above. There is a web-based service, which charges $60 for online consult if you can’t solve your problem yourself and cannot afford a clinic visit. I have not used this service and that i cannot vouch for it’s accuracy – but it surely does exist.

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black hair body wave

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