Are you able to Prevent Cat Spraying?

No matter how lovely and adorable our pet cats are, all of them have the propensity to release a pungent odor that stains our carpets and furniture.

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairWhat’s worse is that the smell is so overpowering that removing it becomes an exhausting task. Since spraying is a natural behavior for cats, restraining spraying habits can sometimes be a real challenge for pet owners.

Cats spray for several reasons. One is for marking their territory. Cats generally do their spraying outdoors, however, when conflicts arise with other cats within the house, they then may begin to spray on the furniture in an effort to mark territorial boundaries.

In order to forestall cat spraying inside your own home, first ensure that cats are in harmony with one another. In case you do sense a bit growing tension between them, then it is better to separate them in numerous rooms with a purpose to alleviate and avoid tension and spraying.

Female cats will sometimes spray when they are in heat; however, it is primarily the males who frequently do the majority of the spraying. For male cats, simply having them neutered is an effective means during which to cut back spraying habits.

For females, should you notice physiological change in your cat that comes with her being in heat, then I suggest it could also be better to position her in a room with less furniture or even out within the garage when you have one to stop soiling your furniture. Even if in case you have difficulty in discouraging your cat from spraying, you possibly can at the least save your furniture from being sprayed.

So what should we do to forestall cat spraying?

Punishing your cat will not be much help in any respect. Stressing your cat by inflicting punishments may actually cause him or her to spray even more.

There are several approaches you’ll be able to take to stop cat spraying, but not all may match to your situation. Spaying of females or the neutering of the males can certainly reduce your cat’s desire for spraying.

Usually, getting your kitten neutered early on is effective at stopping your cat from spraying in the future. Having your cat neutered at some extent after the spraying activity has already begun may additionally serve to cut back it.

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