All About Hair Extensions

The standard of hair extensions is very important, so you don’t mess hair up, and that we understand that you could possibly have questions. Let’s get started/p>

Where does the hair come from?

Virgin Curly Lace Closure Free Part Middle Part Three Part On SaleHair extensions can come from quite a few countries including China, India, and Russia.

Hair extensions must be made from quality hair, that could be natural looking and feeling, using a team that know very well what they’re doing. Your hair is Quality 100% Remy Human hair. (Remy simply means how the cuticle is laying inside the same natural direction because hair). An awesome resource of hair is Chinese hair, A1 Grade which is Salon quality, feather light, having a soft real looking texture. (Courtney recently shared”it feels as if normal hair, softer than my).

There are generally four sorts of hair extensions:

Loop Micro Link Hair Extensions

Woven Weft (Sewn onto your hair)

Glue in Extensions

Clip in extensions

How is she or he applied?

1. Loop Micro LinkEasily attached and removed

Latest’Attachment Technology faster, easier to attach, all-in-one system

One – Step application

Speed of Application

Quick & Simple re-positioning

Rather more comfortable as they possess the smallest attachment link, which is greatly appreciated at 2am daily.

2. Micro Link Hair Extensions ( requiring folks who suffer pulling needle)

Same benefits as Loop, but harder to placed on, slower and usually result in a bulkier finished attachment.

3. Woven Weft Extensions (Sewn into your hair)

Rarely used due to re positioning problems, but were very well liked for people with active lifestyles, the Loop Micro Linkshas superseded most benefits of this technology.

4. Glue in Thermal Extensions

Until recently, probably the most widely used application technology. A bulkier finished attachment, slower plus harder to remove or reposition and in some cases causes hair breakage during removal.

5. Clip in Hair Extensions are very aside from more permanent extensions and fulfils a totally purposestill essentially the most beneficial solution in your special’one offevening.

Requires short amount of time to use (Five-ten minute application), and therefore are quickly taken out of the hair.

For that occasional instant long hair effect.

Preparing in your extensions: If colouring service is required on the natural hair, it best to complete this a minimum of 48 hours just before having your Loop Micro Link extensions applied.

When Is it necessary My Next Hair Cut? It is best to have flowing hair cut Following the extensions are installed. Your extension hair could possibly be cut normally, but do advise your stylist about them, previous to service commencing.

Perming: Never ever should this service be attempted.

Hair Extension Maintenance: Regularly check your micro beads and Re crimp any loose extensions as necessary. Check after any chemical service.

Styling: Use a hair extension brush and other flexible, firm bristle brush. Avoid excessive wet combing The hair Extensions must be treated like every other chemically treated hair. The use of blow-wavers, thermal curling or straightening irons is pretty ok, yet it’s highly recommended to utilize a thermal protectant hairdressing product. Only manufacturers produce good quality thermal protectant products, might be earning ! to make use of your silicone spray serum.

With clip- ins or loop micro links hair extensions You will find yourself looking far more beautiful.

For more information, take a look at seamless hair extensions plus seamless hair extensions.

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