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Brazilian Natural Wave Weave Hair Unprocessed Brazilian Natural Wavy Human Hair Extensions 3 Pcs/packThe latent medical applications of oxytocin have in recent past been published far and wide, but what has mostly gone over looked, is Vero Labs use of oxytocin, in a pheromone spray product called Liquid Trust.

I decided to oversee an empirical synopsis of Liquid Trust in December, 2007, their first human pheromone product undertaken containing the chemical oxytocin.

An empirical human pheromone study, if you’ll, is one of the unambiguous and to the point methods of evaluation. In other words, one tries the stuff out, and documents whether or not others seem to respond to it, or not.

Liquid Trust is an attractant pheromone basically containing oxytocin, a now noted chemical scientists have found to extend peoples degree of trust in others, facilitate social bonding as well as a possible cure or treatment for shyness, depression, and certain other social phobias.

I field tested this product over a 3 month time frame, and organized a complete of 10 field evaluations of this product, every time I used to be capable of document some type of clear reaction from the person being exposed to this product.

On one testing occasion, as I work in outside business to business sales, I am unfrequently required to really appear at my company’s office. All the same, I received a voice mail from my big cheese, yes I opted not to answer his original call! My immediate manager is an all business, by the book kind of guy with unquestionably no observable sense of humor! He had ordered me to the building for an one on one talk with him to debate certain issues he had with my work. This kind of meeting with him rarely seemed to end well for those so summoned!

Previous to walking into this gentlemans office I made a pit stop to the restroom, and utilized four sprays of Liquid Trust, two sprays to the side of the neck, and one spray to each wrist. After a few minute I perceived a rather euphoric calming affect come over me soon after application. The oxytocin in this pheromone spray will cause it to dry in a short time, nevertheless it has a rather agreeable and acceptable odor to it. So after it completely dried and was unnoticeable on my skin, I exited the bathroom and headed to the boss man’s office.

There he sat behind his desk, crunching numbers, no sense of humor, no real personality, not even looking up to greet me from his computer screen. I shut his office door, sat down and awaited the unavoidable tongue lashing I used to be sure to endure.

After being in his confined office for about two minutes, he seemed to become form of distracted, looking at me, then back to his computer crt, after which back at me real quick numerous times. He then wrapped up what he was doing and let me know that he had some deep issue to deal with about my performance last month. I sat there calm, with a slight smile, and urged him to continue. The boss man then let me have it with a laundry list of complaints he had about my inefficiency, very excited at first but he kept getting increasingly less excited after telling me about each issue he had with me. The truth is, after he finished going through all his issues, all 9 of them, he was sitting behind his desk totally calm, smiling, as if he was actually happy about something? He opened the floor to me in order I could respond to all the complaints regarding my conduct recently.

To make a long story short, I easily and briefly addressed each incrimination he had, at times giving some truly unbelievable responses which few people in their right mind would acknowledge, and the boss man sat there behind his desk, agreeing with me as I covered every issue to defend myself. By the end of this one on one powwow, the boss man with no sense of humor or perceptible personality was sitting there laughing and joking with me, and actually apologizing for the misjudgment, and letting me know the way happy he was that I was able to simply communicate and clear up these little issues!

It then got more striking. The boss man, who is totally calm and relaxed, and in an excellent mood for the first time that I do know of, starts talking about himself, his faith, his family, his fears about holding on to his on job on this slow economy, and how he wished he had finished college within the event that he has to hit the job market again! I mean the conversation was totally uncharacteristic of him, and previous to this get-along with him, I would swear on a stack of Bibles that he did not even care for me in any respect!

This off the cuff test of Liquid Trust was one in every of ten field tests I organized on this product, and peculiarly the results were quite similar each time. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know the way or why it does what it does? However, I’m fully able to testing and documenting my observations, and the outcomes of my testing of this product were quite legit to say the least.

On a side note, it is worth mentioning that Liquid Trust, do to the oddities of oxytocin, have to be kept refrigerated to prolong the products life when not in use. When applied it does not last long after application, it can dissipate and seem to have no affect at all between 1 to 2 hours after application. In consequence, this product is just not fitted to daily use! Reasonably one would only use this pheromone spray for special occasions, equivalent to a job interview, important sales calls or sales meeting, a gathering to debate your next raise, or for that dreaded one on one meeting with the wicked boss. I believe you get the purpose.

Kyle MacRannell is a die hard product review fanatic, currently researching Pheromones, and their influence upon human behavior. Please visit us to for extra information on the Liquid Trust pheromone cologne!

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