A greater, A greater Alternative To Bank Savings?

Up to now. Buying gold was pretty well out of the reach of most people.

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Buying an ounce of gold was great if you had $1200 odd to spare and had little likelihood of having to transform it back to paper money or in the event you had to cash it in – you had to cash in the whole ounce. Pretty tough if you happen to just wanted to purchase something for about $50.Buying gold was pretty well out of the reach of most individuals. Buying an ounce of gold was great should you had $1200 odd to spare and had little likelihood of having to convert it back to paper money or in the event you needed to cash it in – you needed to cash in the entire ounce. Pretty tough should you just wanted to purchase something for about $50. So, now along comes Karatbars International. They have made it simple, economical and really worthwhile to exchange your just about worthless paper money for GOLD in samll denominations. From 1 Gram to 5 Gram bars. You can now start saving gold in managable and affordable quantities. Additionally, Karatbars have also eliminated the middle man and have arguably one of the best price for currency grade gold anywhere in the world.

From a savings standpoint.

Karatbars Gold Bullion Cards make great sense. From a business point of view they’re right up there with one of the best opportunities available.

Karatbars in simple terms offers everyone that desires one, a free savings account.

Their money is stored within the form of small amounts of certified spendable GOLD – NOT as PAPER Money. The benefits might not be obvious at first to many but if you learn more about this currency change you’ll be see that there is much more than simply saving small amounts of gold. Those who invite others to save with GOLD are rewarded by the corporate’s incentive program and the affiliates have the potential to make thousands of dollars each week.

Karatbars Business Opportunity.

The Karatbars opportunity goes back to 2011. It has been in business for over 18 years and is privately owned and completely financially independent. Karatbars abides by strict German/European laws that guarantee that each customer and distributor receive the highest degree of protection and responsibility. Its CEO and Founder is Harold Seiz, Mr Seiz has a background in the financial services industry.

Karatbars International is based in Germany and isn’t therefore listed in the BBB within the United States.

Karatbars is completely safe as far as the company website goes. There have been no complaints or unresolved problems of any types being found. Considering that Karatbars have been around for 20 years now, it is basically outstanding.

You’re given the option to be either an affiliate or a customer, or both whenever you create an account.

If you are interested in the rewards and income opportunity then you must at least, become an affiliate. Affiliates can in fact be customers too. Karatbars uses a binary plan that pays unlimited levels down and is based on unit and cycles. The quantity you make in each cycle is decided by the one-time package you bought. Units come from gold sales and package sales, and the payments for cycles happen each week. The Karatbars website explains their system much better than we will here,

Product Details.

Karatbars cards are bank card-sized which have various weights of solid gold embedded in them with a tamper proof seal with LBMA certification. The London Bullion Marketing Association guarantees the weight and purity of gold. Karatbars will store the gold free of charge or ship them at a flat rate. Bullion sizes are 1 Gram, 2.5 Gram and 5 Gram.

Saving and Making money.

Since most individuals lack the discipline in paying themselves first, which we must always have been taught from day one whilst we were at college, Karatbars solves that problem through the option called an auto gold purchase. It is very important to save lots of your money within the form of gold because the cost of everything just keeps on going up and naturally that would come with gold. A terrific example of this is, in 10AD one ounce of GOLD would buy a Roman Citizen a new top qulaity toga, the perfect in leather sandals and an ornate leather belt. Today, one ounce of gold will still buy you a shmick suit, shirt, and tie, new high end leather shoes and a schnazzy leather belt.

As another example of the good thing about GOLD Currency over paper money: Imagine you could put either, $1500 or one ounce of GOLD in a vault then could not get into that vault for 10 years. Which of the two could be worth more? Which would you prefer to lock away? Even with interest the buying power of GOLD will never deminish but $1500 in ten years from now??

Selling or buying gold isn’t a requirement for affiliates to become eligible for commissions on their first level.

However, Karatbars’ associates should buy a one-time bronze, silver, gold or VIP package as soon as they can with a view to earn below the primary level. The higher the package, the higher the commissions you will earn. (Naturally). It is suggested that you would a minimum of start with a silver package. The silver package comes with One Karatbar so you’ll be able to appreciate the quality and can be able to show others. When you get the Karatbars Gold package, it comes with two Karatbars and you’ll get better commissions that with the Bronze or Silver. It’ll take for about two weeks for the package to arrive through FedEx. You can even upgrade to the VIP package any time you want or can afford it.

So, Karatbars International. Does it warrant further investigation. I certainly believe it does. And Yes, I’m biased. I’ve my very own small pile of 1 gram bars building up for me as we speak.

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