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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost Hair Extension Prices
Updated on July 30, 2012 Kim Lam moreContact Author Source How Much Are Hair Extensions

Want longer hair Fuller hair Hair extensions can make your hair style change dramatically depending on the type of hair and who’s applying it on your head.

If you are considering buying hair extensions, read on to understand the different factors that affect the cost of hair extensions. The price of hair extensions varies and is dependent upon the brand, material of hair, and the way the hair is applied. The three factors that you should think about:

1. Type of hair

    How much hair you want

Hair extensions have come a long way since they were first introduced throughout the Egyptian times. Nowadays, you’ve gotten more options. Let’s have a look on the different types of hair extensions that at the moment are available. No matter what your budget is, there’s an affordable hair extension for you.

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The most cost effective is the clip-on hair extensions, that are easy and fast to use. If you are in search of a short lived hair do, these hair extensions are probably one it’s best to consider buying.

You will discover both synthetic and real human hair extension clip-on at retail stores reminiscent of Sally’s Beauty or on Amazon. Synthetic hair can range between $50-100 while human hair can range between $80- $500.

While synthetic hair extensions are a more affordable alternative to human hair extensions, most will melt when they are exposed to heat such because the curling iron. They also don’t last as long, usually 1-3 months.

When you’ve got a smaller budget and plan on wearing the extension for a brief time period comparable to a night of clubbing, then a clip-on extension made from synthetic hair could also be a better fit.

One of the benefits of synthetic hair is the fact that it has already been set and nail extensions pre styled. That also means it is not going to get frizzy from humidity or rain. Alternatively, the drawback is that you cannot blow dry it, curl it, or color it. It can’t be reused like human hair.

Human hair extensions are probably the most expensive but it surely last longer, looks and feel probably the most natural. The highest end of the list is 100% human hair, also called “virgin human hair” which has not been treated with chemicals. It may well range from $80–$500. You definitely get your money’s worth with this selection. It looks essentially the 99j box braids most natural and lasts the longest.

Source Hair Extension Applications
Hot fusion bonding is a more common method that uses hot glue to attach the extensions to your individual hair. $300-500

Cold fusion bonding. Professionals use this method by applying a keratin-based polymer to secure the extension to your hair. While this method is more expensive, the results can last for for much longer, up to half a year. $1500-3000

Hair 4 Bundles Unprocessed Virgin Deep Wave Hair Wholesale Deep Wave Weaves

Weave. This method is more time consuming, because it involves braiding the extension into your natural hair. Some people may choose this method to fill in thinner areas of your hair. $1000-5,000

99j box braids

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