5 Tips: Work, To Workout, To Going Out, Effortlessly

Hair 4 Bundles Three Tone Ombre Straight Human Virgin Hair WeavingA bit of disheveled feel could make a mode feel undone in a sexy way, plus the post-work out glow always helps,” says Tre Wyrosdick, lead stylist at Marie Lou & D salon in New York City. After we discussed the concept of an effortless approach to transition from work, to figuring out, to going out, Wyrosdick acknowledged that a superb workout can take a toll on any hairstyle and could have greater than a number of women second guessing plans after a workout.

There is a simple solution. Wyrosdick notes how dry shampoos, salt sprays and curl creams can do great things for refreshing a style post workout. The trick is to put within the product before the workout happens, with the intention of the post-workout disheveled look because the style. On a day where I know I have an event within the evening, I will choose a low-sweat workout, like a slow flow yoga class, put dry shampoo on the roots of my hair before the workout, and put it up in this creative hairstyle:Put the hair in a braid, and put that braid right into a bun. If you find yourself sweaty and must shower, no worries–this style works from me through shower humidity, even with no shower cap! Your hair will curl when you take the braid bun out–it looks crazy at first, but trust me, when it calms down you’ll have beach waves. You should definitely bring some dry shampoo in case you need that post workout.

The braid bun is a perfect style if you are going out after your workout, and need a beachy, effortless look.

Wash Quickly

I’m the master of the two minute shower. But sometimes, if my workout is low sweat enough, a freshening cloth is enough to get me clean enough to exit confidently after working out. I’m a fan of rose water freshening cloths by Shobha. Facial wipes are readily available at drug stores and work fine, as do some baby wipes (but be careful about smelling like you just walked in from the nursery!).

This trick comes in handy during my work day, too. I ride a bicycle office to office (thanks, Citibike!). I can’t show as much as a professional building looking sweaty. Just a few wipes in the correct places, and i definitely feel freshened up. This is a handy tool after stressful meetings, as well!

Accessories are Key

Fashion stylist and noted expert Angelina Vivace reminds us that with any outfit, confidence is essential. A simple solution to transition from workout to going out is accessories, accessories, accessories.

“Play with layering. From statement necklaces, earrings or a collar that may be added (I personally love faux fur), think outside the box to jazz something up. In the event you layer, it is easy to take off garments for a sexier look.”

Something as simple as wearing a blazer in your shoulders instead of putting your arms through the sleeves can provide your outfit a sexier feel. Keep flats and a pair of emergency heels in the office if you may. If you happen to wear an outfit you’ll be able to add things to, or change shoes, and add a scarf, you may easily dress up an outfit.

Add accessories to an athleisure outfit, and you are able to exit!

Enjoy your life

Do not let your active lifestyle get in the best way of your social life. Be strategic concerning the clothes you wear and the workout you do on a night where you want to exit. It’s going to help your life be more effortless. Simple tricks like keeping extra shoes at your office, using dry shampoo, or creative ways of freshening up, can prevent time and stress.

Wear those trouser look yoga pants to work, rock them in school post office, and alter right into a dress or easy to pack going out outfit after freshening up. Or wear a very transitional outfit like the one we feature in the photos, and fearlessly go from one a part of your life to the other. Let your healthy active lifestyle be part of the best night of your life.

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Lauren Coles is the founder and Lead Teacher of Daisy Office Yoga. She’s an office yoga influencer aiming to help active women balance their lives. Special because of Daily Motion, the situation for the photo shoot, John DeMato for photography, Angelina Vivace for styling, and Sally Downs and Tory Sport for style inspiration.

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