3 Steps To Get More Bang To your Video Conferencing Bucks

When small businesses consider video conferencing, they usually think it requires an enormous financial and time investment. There’s a lot equipment, furniture and accessories to select from that it could possibly seem daunting, but in case you have these 3 things, your entire office can jump into a video conference quickly and affordably.

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1. Select a hi-definition flat screen display. Let’s face it, you cannot get by with an old tube TV for hi-quality video conferencing. Invest in a high-quality flat panel display or two, but be honest about your office needs. Remember, you want a lean, mean video conferencing machine and an 80-inch flat screen is nice, but may not be essentially the most logical decision if someone has to frequently haul it across the office on your mobile cart. Carts can hold a wide range of display sizes, some styles can hold 2 screens, but just make sure the display (or displays) you choose fit your office needs.

2. The video conferencing system. Choosing the system used to be scary, not anymore. Video conferencing units and costs have evolved and there is a unit to suit every office budget and you will not have to sacrifice quality for price either. And in the event you dig deeper, it’s possible you’ll find that some data integration companies give away units when clients get to a certain level of service! And even cheaper still, there are many web-based services you should utilize.

3. Choose a mobile cart: The video conferencing cart is the backbone of your v/c experience when it comes to a small office. Stretch your dollars by purchasing a cart that’s mobile. Mobility is important because if your cart has wheels, it may be transported to any area in the office and anyone in any department can use it-no need for multiple stationery units. Ensure that your cart is lightweight, yet durable so it may well handle heavy use-look for 100% solid steel construction and powder-coat finish to withstand wear and tear. Other features your cart should have are: cable management, surge protectors and adjustable height.

Armed with the suitable flat screen display, mobile video conferencing cart and high-quality system, your entire office can communicate like the professionals.

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Dylan Laurenzi is an AV enthusiast with a passion for SMB, data integration and digital media technology. Dylan frequently contributes and consults with various AV companies. For more information, visit AVTEQ’s blog.

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