3 Methods For Adding Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are a brand new and popular strategy to get longer or voluminous locks without waiting. While not permanent (few styles are) they’re an ideal method to “check out” a brand new look without having to comple…

Hair extensions are a brand new and popular option to get longer or voluminous locks without waiting. While not permanent (few styles are) they’re a fantastic method to “try out” a new look without having to completely alter your natural locks. There are a few different methods for extending your luxurious locks, each with their very own benefits and drawbacks.

You possibly can add hair extensions by clipping them into your current style. To do this, you part your hair at the specified spot and clip the addition very near your scalp. This method is terrific for a short lived change (like a wedding or prom) or if you wish to “check out” the look for just a few days before committing to a more permanent (albeit not forever) change. The clip-in method can be the least expensive because you are able to do it yourself or with the assistance of a friend and it does not require a visit to the salon.

Hair extensions can be added by utilized two more permanent methods: sewing and gluing. Although this appears like a simple craft project, these methods are best performed by trained professionals. The sewing method involves braiding existing locks near the scalp after which sewing the addition into this braid, thus making a virtually invisible addition. While not impossible, achieving natural looking results can be difficult without proper instruction and training. The gluing method requires using a special adhesive that bonds the new strands with existing strands. This takes significant patience and practice. You probably don’t wish to try this on your own and end up with a gloppy, gluey mess!

Finding a stylist or salon that performs hair extensions should not be a problem, especially since this system is very popular. For those who currently have a stylist, ask if he or she is able that can assist you achieve the look you desire. If they can not, chances are good that they may be capable to recommend someone that they think might be able to help you. Keep in mind that each salon sets its own fee schedule, so that you might want to ask around for the perfect price.

After getting found someone to put these in for you, be sure you follow the proper care and techniques that they recommend. Be sure to shampoo and condition as often as recommended, and elegance your locks according to the rules you might be given. You do not want to spend good money having these added and then not care for them adequately.

If you discover that this look just isn’t for you, the nice thing is that the added strands can be removed in a single visit to your stylist. Additionally, there shouldn’t be much (if any) damage to your scalp or your natural hair. Article Tags: Hair Extensions

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