10 Shoe Treasures From The Salvatore Ferragamo Archive

At Milan Style Week, Salvatore Ferragamo wowed audiences with an audacious sequence of sporty platforms. However the Italian label has an extended history of nice design, relationship back to the late 1920s. Much of that history is preserved in the company’s archive and museum in Florence, Italy.

Stefania Ricci, Ferragamo’s museum and archive director, shared just a few inside details about the historical assortment and a few of its most precious items.

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How many gadgets are within the archive?

“We have near 15,000 as a result of we also gather the newest collections./h2>

Which piece is the oldest?

“We have a shoe that dates to 1927, when Salvatore Ferragamo got here back from the U.S. The name of the shoe is Labyrinth. This shoe has on the upper a particular embroidery, which is handmade in silk. It’s like a cubist drawing, and it’s very dramatic./p>

What is the most worthy shoe?

“We have a golden shoe that Ferragamo made in 1966 for an Australian customer. It was very important as a result of it was 18k gold and was made with a goldsmith on Ponte Vecchio. The footwear value $1,000 in the 1960s. Additionally, we have now another sandal that we made for a charity for Elton John in 2001, and there are diamonds on the sneakers. The value of these was greater than 25,000 euros [or $25,800 at current alternate]./p>

Does the archive embrace footwear worn by celebrities?

“Yes, we have a whole lot of footwear made for Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and others./p>

What is your favourite piece in the gathering?

“It’s not simple to pick, because they are like pieces of art and are so completely different. One in all my favorites is a laced shoe that is product of cellophane, which is often used to cowl bonbons. Ferragamo used it during the nineteen thirties, as a result of it was the beginning of the second World Battle and it was unattainable to get leather-based for the footwear. A field of bonbons was given to his mom, so he had the idea to present the cellophane to the women that work with cotton, they usually crocheted the upper of the shoe. It’s a lovely shoe. It’s black cellophane and it also has yellow and red cellophane. Very elegant, however very new and unique./p>

Does the archive inspire current Ferragamo designs?

Ferragamo Carla Calfskin Pump Black“Yes, for instance, in the fall 6 vogue present for males in Milan, Massimiliano Giornetti used a particular shoe made by Salvatore Ferragamo for Andy Warhol. It’s a lace-up shoe in Kautschuk [rubber], however it’s painted by Andy Warhol.

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